Haunt: Hauntedweb of Horrors
Address: 700 North Germantown Parkway (Trinity Commons Shopping Center)
Price: $10 per haunt, or $18 for both
R.I.P. Passs are also available for $30 if you want to skip the lines on both haunts.

Dates Open: October 5-6, October 12-14, October 19-21, October 25-28, and October 31st 7-10pm on weeknights, and 7-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition, on November 2-3 there will be special "lights out" nights from 7-10pm.

Hauntedweb is actually two haunts at the same location. Each haunt has a very different feel, and both are unique among Memphis area haunts. Both not for profit haunts are completely staffed by volunteers to raise money for Youth Villages, a charitable organization that helps area children in need.

www.hauntedweb.com The first haunt is Torment (formerly called the Asylum). "Enter Dr. HAcker's twisted institution for the insane only to be discarded into the Dark Bayou where you must escape our version of hillbilly hell."

www.hauntedweb.com The second haunt at Hauntedweb is the The Dark Matter (formerly called the darkness), "a 3D labyrinth of darkness and psychedelic matter that will challenge your senses and send chills up your spine."