Address: Jones Orchard; 6880 Singleton Parkway, Millington, TN 38053
Single Haunt Pass$10Choice of 1 Haunt (Scarecrow Theater, Shadowlands, and Terror at 2596)
A Tingle of Terror Pass$10Corn Maze + Hangman's Hollows Haunted Hayride
Haunt and a Hayrid Pass$14Hangman's Hollows Haunted Hayride + Choice of 1 haunt
Bump in the Night Pass$18Corn Maze + Hangman's Hollows Haunted Hayride + 1 Haunt
Double Dungeons Pass$18Choice of 2 Haunts
2 Haunts and a Hay Ride Pass$22Hangman's Hollows Haunted Hayride + 2 Haunts
Nightmare Pass$24All three haunts
True Terror Pass$28Hangman's Hollows Haunted Hayride + All 3 Haunts
Dates Open: October 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th & 27th. Limited events open on October 31st.
7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Now in it's 8th year hosting haunted events, Jones Orchard continues it's trend of being the fastest growing haunted event in the Mid-South. In 2010, Terror at 2596 moved from its Bartlett location to Jones Orchard, giving two haunted attractions at one location. For 2011 a brand new attraction, Scarecrow Theater was added to the lineup, creating the only event in the area with three haunted attractions. 2012 sees the addition of the Hangman's Hollow Haunted Hayride giving four haunted events in a single location in addition to the non-haunted corn maze that is still available in evenings.

/ Shadowlands

Back for it's eighth year and this season the horrors that haunt Jones' Corn Maze are ready to consume more than just the maze. ?Lost in the acres of corn and woods behind Jones' Orchard hides a horrific secret. This cursed land is swarming with monsters and mayhem. Creatures so terrifying they have resorted to clown masks to hide their mutated faces. Don't let their friendly disguises fool you! They're on a bloodthirsty prowl for something to feel the pain they've felt.

Will you survive the twists and turns of shear horror the Shadowlands have in store for you? Terror at 2596

This attraction has a cult following in the Memphis area. This year you will experience 2 acres of outdoor thrills and chills as you wind your way through the Terror at 2596. Shrill screams, spooky haze, and chainsaws abound. Scarecrow Theater

Spirits of those buried in the cemetery have taken over, and they have possessed scarecrows, animals, even the trees. These returning spirits span centuries of history, from Spanish explorers, to civil war officers, to more modern deceased, each with their own stories to tell.

/ Hangman's Hollow Haunted Hay Ride

It's a long told story about the hermits in Hangman's Hollow. Those lonesome folk that hid themselves away in the back property of the orchard. Never to be seen by public eye and only eating the corn cobs that grew in the nearby fields, the hermits had always been pretty tame. But, the recent drought hasn't produced the corn crop and now they've gone all year without food. They're looking for a feast. Not the feast of something as simple as corn. Something more filling, something meatier, something human. Experience this all new wild ride through the hidden secrets of Jones Orchard.