Haunt: The Dungeon Haunted House
Address: Wall Doxey State Park located 5 miles south Holly Springs, MS on Highway 7
Price: $5, groups of 5 or more are $4 each
Dates Open:

From their 2010 description: "The Dungeon is in its 6th year of operation. We have added new aspects yearly to our ever growing Haunted House. The Dungeon is located in a long abandoned basement-group camping area of the park - with a Haunted Dead End staircase like the Winchester Mansion. While we are responsible for most of the ghostly activities during the operation of our Haunted House, strange occurances have plagued the preparation and cleanup each year - were not sure we are alone down there?!"

In addition to the haunt which is in the basement of a lodge, there are concessions/refreshments and other activities upstairs, focusing on more child friendly entertainment including a cake walk, games, and a costume contest. The site also has a hayride which runs between campsites that are not only decorated, but also hand out candy for the kids. Grab a copy of their 2010 flyer for the details. This will be updated with 2011 details as I have htem.